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Landing Ship Tank


Description: Landing Ship Tank (L.S.T.) are used to transport and land tanks, amphibious vehicles and other rolling stock in amphibious assault.

Features: Ships of this class are the first to depart from the bow-door design that characterized the workhorses of World War II. The hull form necessary to attain the 20-knot speeds of contemporary amphibious squadrons would not permit bow doors. Accordingly, these ships offload cargo and vehicles by means of a 112-foot ramp over their bow. A stern gate allows off-loading of amphibious vehicles directly into the water. The two ships of this class, now assigned to the Naval Reserve Forces, are the only of this 20-ship class of LSTs remaining in the fleet.





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 Example of the General Characteristics, Newport class: 
 Builders: National Steel and Shipbuilding
Power plant: Six diesels, two shafts, 16,000 brake horsepower
 Length: 522 feet (156.6 meters)
 Beam: 69 feet (20.7 meters)
 Displacement: 8,450 tons (8,585.61 metric tons) full load
 Speed: 20 knots (23 miles, 36.8 km, per hour)
 Crew: 13 officers, 244 enlisted
 Armament: One 20 mm Phalanx CIWS mount; two 25 mm MK 38


Harv had a run in with a superior officer during his stay on the L.S.T. 333. Listen to what happened in his own words:

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