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Thank you for Visiting HARV's. For as long as we had it, Paw Paw would love to read what people had to say about his website. He insisted that we have a "Guestbook" here so people could write in what they thought and have it posted for all to read. As the years progressed and "spam" bots developed, Leann and I found ourselves continuously having to go into his account and erase tons of unwanted posts. You know, crap like fake medical companies looking to post their wares by acting as if they were a visitor to the site, and unwanted spam, etc. 


But as you are probably well aware by reading the articles located on "From Harv", over the years we received some really great information on his original Guestbook, and since then, decided on using a happy medium.


Please consider dropping us a line with your feelings on the site, or information you might deem interesting, or just to say hi by checking in (use the form on the right of this paragraph), and once approved, we will either post your comments on the second page under the guestbook's, "Comments Page" section, or reply to you in email.


Please no solicitation or Spam.


Take care and God Bless.


James and Leann Perlowski

Webmaster, HARV's


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