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United States Navy Base Two by Dennis Royal


One of the best written books out there on amphibious undertakings during World War Two. This book has detailed maps and pictures to complete a story about a place in time that many have forgotten, namely Roseneath Scotland during 1941-1945. Topics include British and American cooperation, special forces and even information on the post war years. Buy it here and buy it today! 


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Harv's Favorites

To Foreign Shores : U.S. Amphibious Operations in World War II 
by John A. Lorelli


Editorial Reviews

Booknews, Inc. , August 1, 1995

Chronicles the development of US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps amphibious operations during WWII. Describes ships and landing craft, ship-to-shore movement, command relationships, air and gunfire support, mine countermeasures, and salvage, and includes accounts of operations in the Solomon Islands and North Africa, and in Normandy, Leyte, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa in 1944-45, drawing on oral histories, war diaries, and combat reports. Contains b&w photos and maps. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc.
Portland, Or. 


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Naval Expeditionary Logistics : Enabling Operational Maneuver from the Sea  

by The National Research Council


This is the Compass Series Edition, out of print, but Amazon.com will do all it can to get it to you anyway. Our staff has always believed that you should go right to the horse's mouth when seriously looking to study something as important as a topic that takes up time and effort for the reader. The NRC has been known to write some of the most famous reference manuals, scientific studies, etc. in the world.  


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The Amphibians Are Coming! Emergence of the 'Gator Navy and its Revolutionary Landing Craft (Amphibious Operations in the South Pacific in WWII)
by William L. McGee (Author)

"McGee combines exhaustive research with the words of the men who took the theory of the amphibious doctrine and the new machines to sea. His dedicated work will surely help keep the day-to-day naval record of the 'Greatest Generation' from being lost."--John Lorelli, author of "To Foreign Shores, U.S. Amphibious Operations in WWII".


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Allied Landing Craft of World War Two

by The United States Department Of The Navy


Even though this particular title is out of print, it should be found and sent to you within one to two weeks from your order. Once again we see an exacting guide with explicit information directly from the military in question. Every naval collector should have this as part of his or her collection.


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Bill Jarnagin's photojournal, WW2 Europe : a photo combat diary

by William Spencer Jarnagin


To get a really good idea of what it looked like during this time, a journal such as this one is something very special indeed. As it centers on the war itself, special attention is given to the topic like very few made years later. Again it is out of print, but Amazon.com will do it's due diligence to find the diary for you within a few weeks.


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The Grand Alliance (The Second World War, Vol 3)
by Winston S. Churchill, John Keegan. Paperback (May 9 1986)


This re-issue grandly takes us to a time in history when the United States Congress could no longer hesitate but to work with Great Britain to end the tyranny of Hitler once and for all. It details the sheer tonnage and material supply necessary for such a great endeavor, and explains from Winston Churchill's point of view, just when it was that victory was imminent. From America's first involvement to the Prime Minister's initial doubts, this book begins the long road the Allies initiated and eventually utilized to develop the island bases such as Rosneath and others.


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When Civilians Manned the Ships : Life in the Amphibious Fleet During Wwii
by James A. Kehl


A very special book dedicated to something quite unusual for the mainstream. This book delves into the life of the everyday civilian in World War Two that manned the thousands of Amphibious crafts needed to both rescue and land our soldiers. It is unique in it's content, as normally we read about the more glorified vessels that were needed to win the wars, and really nothing digging deeply into who supported them...."lest we forget that if it wasn't for these brave men who manned the workhorses, we would never have won the war!"


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D-Day 1944 (Modern War Studies)
by Theodore A. Wilson (Editor), John S. D. Eisenhower


From the Back Cover "D-Day 1944 contains essays by the world's leading scholars on the invasion of France, covering all aspects of the greatest amphibious assault in history, combining new information and scholarship in a highly readable and instructive volume. Recommended without hesitation or qualification."--Stephen A. Ambrose, author of Eisenhower and The Great and Noble Undertaking 

Need I say more? This one completes a library of many great books on the war. Using extremely detailed information in the first level of the military food chain, Wilson gives the reader an unequaled look into what made the entire invasion a reality.


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