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Harv: "We sure did! In fact we went so far up onto the beach, that nothing had to enter the water when they left our tank deck. This presented us with a big problem though, for even after unloading (chuckle)....we couldn't get off the beach!"


"Ohhh dear God!"


Harv: "You can say that again! Our ship got hit with everything including the kitchen sink, and we suffered many many casualties. I am not sure exactly how many were wounded, but most of the crew got it in some form or another. I and three others who were on the tank deck viewed 
what was happening, an immediately ran out on to the beach. Let me tell you, a gopher couldn't dig holes faster than we did! We laid inside these holes for about three days, until the fighting advanced into and past the city."


"You just sat in these holes?"


Harv: "Yes sir."


"What made you eventually leave?"


Harv: "While we sat in these man made dugouts, the REAL MEN of the services as they called them, came ashore and looked at us and actually laughed at our predicament....but threw k rations and canteens of water to us in thanks for getting them there."

"You mean the Gi's?"


Harv: "Yeah, they came right by us and we watched them move out up the beachhead."


"So there you were....Sitting there, eating a well deserved meal and praying that no one comes back to interrupt it."


Harv: "Until we finally decided it was safe to leave the holes and to do something positive that is, but what? We went back to the ship, but everyone who was left had been evacuated. We scrounged up a few supplies and headed upwards to a wooded area to hide out. We found a big stone house up there, but didn't go in at first, and decided to watch for almost two days; spotting not a living soul."

"Did you move up there?"


Harv: "Oh yes... we finally decided to go inside for some much deserved rest. If you don't think that the good LORD had a hand in saving us you are highly mistaken! In that big (castle like mansion) we found an abundant supply of food, and a wine cellar you wouldn’t believe.



Harv: " was as if we found heaven indeed."


"Yes. It must have been nothing less than a miracle to have found not only some enclosed shelter, but a trove of goodies to boot!"


Harv: "We thought so. After all had quite our fill of food and drink, we decided that we had better set up watches. After all we had to continue to remind ourselves that we were in enemy territory" (grins). 


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