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"And you did this until the end of the invasion fleet successfully mounted and secured the beaches?"


Harv: "Exactly. We had this task until the day came when all was properly established, and then I was sent to Liverpool and put aboard a converted luxury liner, and taken back to the states. I ended up at Lido beach (Boston, I think) and put up in a bldg. called the Fargo building. I was given a 5 day leave, and I hurried to Wash. DC where my honey was stationed.."


"It must have been a relief Harv, after all the fighting and killing....Did you ever have to fire that 20 mm you had on the boat during your time at Normandy?"


Harv: "(Pauses for a second in reflection) Yeah, well I had to do my share of firing and wasn't as glorious as many make it out to was war and it wasn't pleasant. Many poor Joes died that day, on both sides. I don't like to talk about it much..."


"I understand..."


Harv: "We then got in touch with my brother who was stationed at the Anacostia Naval Air Base. We then went to Baltimore and Audrey and I married. This is one date I will never forget, 6-29-45. Man it was hot, but we didn't care! We immediately set off to Atlantic city NJ for a two day honey moon, and then I had to go back to Boston and she returned to D.C."


"I am sure that wasn't the easiest thing for two newlyweds to do."


Harv: "No it wasn't. But it was time to go, and when it was time you went. I was put aboard an LST(1116 I think) and we sailed down the Atlantic coast to the Panama canal, then up the Pacific coast, to San Diego. "


"What was this trip for?"


Harv: "We picked up supplies and troops and headed to Guam, Eniwetok, and other small islands to deliver our cargo. I can't remember why or in what order, but I do know I was transferred to two other ships ( both different kinds of repair ships) and was bounced around the south Pacific for a time. Our group joined a convoy headed for the invasion of Japan."

(Pauses long and smiles) "Thankfully the war ended before this had to happen."


"Now that was a trip....Seems like you were everywhere practically!"


Harv: (Chuckling) "Oh yes, but back to Pearl Harbor we went. I had more than enough points to get discharged, so I went to San Francisco and then to Chicago and out. I was discharged on  27, Oct. 1945. My Dear wife was discharged two weeks before I was and she was there to greet me me when I got home. That was some reunion!"

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